A unique advertising opportunity for MetaTrader 4 and 5 brokers. Display advertisements to MT4/5 users within the MT4/5 software.
A unique advertising opportunity for MetaTrader 4/5 brokers

FXAdverts is a unique advertising opportunity for MetaTrader 4/5 brokers:

  • Advertisements are displayed in a unique space, on charts within the MT4/5 software, not on a website
  • Developers of MT4/5 indicators and EAs build advertising space into their code, and you get to advertise in that space
  • The viewers are already guaranteed to be MT4/5 users - no wasted click-throughs
  • EAs and indicators get distributed virally across the whole market, and so the vast majority of viewers will not already be your customers
  • Developers love FXAdverts: they get paid for their expertise and the popularity of their code
  • Traders love FXAdverts: they get indicators and EAs for free, from developers who now have an added incentive to produce quality products and maintain them
Placement, rotation, geo-targeting

Placement of the advertisement within an MT4/5 chart window is controlled by the developer of the EA/indicator (and can be put under the user's control using extern parameters for the EA/indicator).

Adverts are static images (no animations), but are automatically cycled. The maximum advert size is currently 1000 pixels wide or 1000 pixels high, with a maximum surface area of 100000 pixels (e.g. 1000x100). This caters for the IAB core standard sizes of 120x60 and 88x31.

Adverts can be localised based on IP address or the user's choice of language within the MT4/5 software, e.g. display adverts in Chinese to Chinese-speaking users.