Get quality software from MT4/5 developers for free.

Why FXAdverts is good for traders

Without FXAdverts, most developers of EAs and indicators for MetaTrader 4/5 have no way of earning money from the popularity of their code. Most traders are simply not prepared to pay for EAs or, in particular, for indicators.

FXAdverts finally gives MT4/5 developers a way of getting paid for their expertise, while still allowing them to provide their software to traders for free.

In return for being presented with small adverts, traders continue to receive free software, but the developers now have a much stronger incentive to produce quality products and to keep improving them.

You are already used to getting valuable material for free on the internet - news sites, blogs, analysis - because it is backed by advertising. FXAdverts simply extends that principle to MT4/5 software.

Are there any privacy concerns with FXAdverts?

No. The advertising technology tells the advertiser which broker you are using, but it does not reveal any of the following information about you to the advertiser or anyone else:

  • Your account number, name, or password
  • Your balance, equity, floating P/L etc
  • Which EA(s) or indicator(s) you are using

In other words: advertisers and EA/indicator vendors cannot see any information which identifies you personally.

Do the adverts affect the speed or stability of the MT4/5 software?

No. The answer is that simple.