Add small adverts to your MT4/5 indicators and EAs, and get paid by brokers when your users click on the advertising.
How does it work?
  • You spend 5 minutes adding the FXAdverts code to your indicator or EA.
  • You distribute your indicator or EA via forums, your own website, or our app store.
  • Users download and install your indicator or EA, and a small advert is displayed on the MT4/5 chart - see examples.
  • Brokers pay you when people click on the adverts.
How much do I get paid?

All payments are per click (not per advert displayed). Rates change depending on how much brokers are currently prepared to pay, and can vary depending on the language and location of your users. Typical payments are around $1 per click.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up by giving us your email address. We will send you a password and instructions by email.

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